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L181 - Peppermint Pleco small .75 inch to 1.5inch

L181 - Peppermint Pleco small .75 inch to 1.5inch

Great for small tanks since they only grow to about 4-5in.

Locally bred and raised in Central North Carolina. Water parameters of:

Ph 6.8-7.0

TDS 80 - 250

Temperature 75

Acclimation: When acclimating these fish, take the fish from the box and float in a clear plastic bag or container, for about 10 minutes to get temperature the same in bag/container as the tank(you may place the bag the fish are in inside another bag/container just not directly into the water). (Try to have the water they are going into around a ph of 7 to minimize stress.) Cut bag open, dump water and fish through a net over a bucket then immediately put fish into tank from net. This will minimize the stress to the fish.

Packaging and shipping: I will only ship Monday and Tuesday because I do not want the fish spending the weekend in a box. Each fish will be individually bagged and fasted for at least 24 hrs before putting into bag for shipping. If ordered after Monday, then the fish will be sent out the week after. Shipping will only be to the contiguous 48 states. I will ship to Puerto Rico

Thank you for taking interest in my fish. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

DOA: To receive reimbursement for the dead fish ($60 per fish) you must take a clear picture of the dead fish inside of unopened bag within 2 hours of delivery. Remember these are live fish and have been carefully raised and cared for, please I hope you will do the same.

When ordering make sure that following Tuesday-Friday temperatures will be above freezing. Above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Dropping below this temperature will cause the heat packs to be ineffective. If you still want to order please have your package held at a post office for pickup. I will not refund anything due to negligence.

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