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Grindal Worm Culture

Grindal Worm Culture

Grindal worms. This is a 1 week old culture.


Grindal worms will reach about .5 inch long when fully matured. They are great to feed picky eaters and are easier to cultivate than black worms. Although they are not fully aquatic they can survive for several hours in the water but usually the fish will eat them before they hit the bottom. Great for conditioning fish to breed.

How to take care of culture:

-moisten culture when it arrives with about 25ml of water you want the culture damp not soaked. Wet again as necessary. Keep lid snapped down when not being used so bugs and mites will not contaminate the culture.

-add food when all food is gone in container. Each container should last for about 1 month before needing to be replaced form the date written on the lid. If you overfeed the culture it will foul and kill the worms. If you run out of food then you can use fish food to feed the worms. I find pellets work the best.

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