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Blue Dream Neocaridina Shrimp

Blue Dream Neocaridina Shrimp

Locally bred in 6.8 ph water in North Carolina. Disease free. Does well in temperatures from 70 - 82 degrees.  


Blue cherry shrimp are beginner friendly and goes great against the greens of a planted tank. Also pairs well with guppies, endlers, & other smaller fish. Very prolific & can be used as a stable clean source of food for predatory fish once colony has been established.


Acclimation: Begin the acclimation process by putting bag inside a container to float in an established tank that they will be going into. After floating for about 10 minutes then open original shipping bag, remove and dump into container. Double the amount of water inside container then wait another 10 minutes.  After shrimp are ready to put into tank. I would advise to put shrimp in tank and turn lights out if there is fish that may predate on them. 2 extra shrimp are provided as a gift or to cover any DOA.  


DOA policy: Shrimp must be received and any dead must be photographed inside unopened bag before the 2 hour mark from reported time of delivery. Remember these are live animals and need to be treated with care.

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